Collection 1 (3-20-12)

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Many of you have friends that want to join the clan.  Unfortunately elite only allows clans of up to 100 players.  Since we’ve been turning away so many good players, we’ve decided to expand.  Introducing E.L.K.Z.  This clan will be for our friends and new players we come across in the future.  If you have anyone who is interested in joining, have them search clan “E.L.K.Z.” on elite or have them message Elkus Maximus or SwampLeeches. That is all for now so get back to your game!

Clan Operations Begin

Friday, February 24, the first clan operation begins.  Let’s all team up and win the first ever clan operation!  Message Elkus Maximus if you’re down for playing.  Check Elite to see what time it begins in your time zone.  Try and be on 45 minutes before it begins so we can set up teams.  Good luck everyone…Go ELKS!